If you want something done, or someone you can depend on, Nick Frontiero is that person. As a Marketing and Advertising Director, I needed production done, and Nick Frontiero Productions came to my rescue. Nick is the person who always gets the task done earlier than expected, with a pleasant attitude. No one is more dependable.

I also appreciate his advice and commitment to make sure projects are done correct and on time. He is very talented and devoted to his clients. It has been a pleasure doing business with Nick.

No one could do a better job than Nick Frontiero Productions, and it is an honor for me to recommend him.

Heather E. Sellers, Triton Management Group, Former Director of Marketing and Advertising

It is this man's humble opinion that out of all the elements of a successful marketing campaign, one thing can make or break it...Compelling Creative. We are inundated with well over 6000 advertising messages daily. It's more important than ever that your message stand out. Nick Frontiero offers some of the most compelling, contemporary, stylish and creative messages I have ever seen or heard. Keep Up The GREAT Work Nick!

Brent T. Markwell, Stevens, Markwell, Ingram Advertising Incorporated, SMI Advertising Inc.

Nick is a fine specimen of a voiceguy—he sounds really hip and cool and young—he can really turn your customers on—he represents state-of-the-art voiceover-his cutting edge production skills and "next generation" presentation will have you asking yourself" what the !&#$ was i thinking using the other guys? i must be a scmuck! SOMEBODY FIRE ME!! Get Nick—and get results.

John Garrett Yuhas,

As an owner of a large sports bar I was looking for some better radio talent than what the local radio station could provide. Working with Nick was simple and smooth, even for a person like me that has zero radio creativity. Gave him my hit points, and he turned out a great spot!

Eric Hayes, Owner, Rounder’s Sports Bar – Mankato, MN

Nick is one of the few local production specialists in the Montgomery market that has the insight and talent to create striking, national-quality audio and video advertisements designed not just to make a sale for the client, but to build a brand

Matt Golden – Vice President of Production at Luken Communications

I've had the pleasure of working with Nick Frontiero over the past 10 years from his days as the lead singer of popular local bands and his time with the production department at Cumulus Broadcasting. Nick is a dedicated, hard working individual and I can say it is a pleasure to call him a colleague

Rick Hendrick, Program Director, WXFX 95.1 Fox

Working with Nick was a great experience. Not only does he possess a unique voice and polished delivery, he delivered way ahead of schedule. This guy is the real deal. You will be happy you worked with him.

Michael Rotsheld, VP Operations, Playersync